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As a key player in the UK and European travel sector we firmly believe that GTS is the right choice to create and enhance all your vacation and excursion needs with our experienced multilingual travel experts ready to build up and formulate ideal and rewarding travel packages at every level.

At GTS our corporate proficiency and adept buying power allows us to establish partnerships with top quality accommodation, great value hotels, luxury transport operators and expert tour managers and knowledgeable guides throughout Europe. By choosing GTS you will be assured of the best prices combined with the highest quality and value.

What sets us apart from other operators is our unequalled and experienced sales team with their expert local knowledge of the UK and across Europe. Crafting itineraries that combine world famous museums to delightful bespoke restaurants, from comfortable cosy hotels to guided walks in historic towns and cities, the team at GTS will utilise their skills and expertise to create the very best programmes and itineraries for groups and individuals.

We are deeply committed to provide you with a memorable travel experience, through our team backstage who will build up a fantastic great value package and itinerary that will furnish those memories and also through our partners on the road who will take this journey with you to elevate what we have created for you and to give you a rewarding and fulfilling travel experience.

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