Our History​
Founded in 2002, GTS Tours is one of the leading suppliers of Group Travel in Britain. With more than 20 years of industry expertise, we are dedicated to delivering unforgettable experiences. Our team of leading industry experts is passionate about showcasing the very best of Britain and Europe to international visitors, tailoring each experience to your group's unique preferences and requirements. Whether it's securing reservations for attractions, organizing comprehensive multi day tours, coach hire, providing guides or planning an event, our team provides the utmost assistance to make your journey with us unforgettable. At GTS Tours, we also pledge to be more sustainable in our practices, taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize waste. We believe in responsible tourism and are committed to preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the destinations we visit. We take pride in our diverse and multilingual team, and our ability to communicate fluently in multiple languages, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors from all corners of the globe.