Creating Memories Sustainably


At GTS, part of GTI Travel Ltd, we recognise the importance of making travel more sustainable. Mindful action to favour our natural world is encouraged among all of our staff. Sustainability combines both environmental and social aspects, which is why we take great pride in our support for charities and local economies. From no-light days to hybrid vehicle use, aligning with the United Nations Development goals, we are commencing our green journey.

As Group Travel Specialists, we cater to a wide range of group numbers from two people to hundreds – with access to such a varied fleet of vehicles we can use less to fit more clients and decrease our fuel consumption. We offer flexibility and personalised tour content, the ‘one-size fits all’ method is not realistic for bespoke touring; each package is meticulously prepared and we incorporate local specialists, small businesses and more to keep our money in the local economies of places we visit.

With priorities and realities varying between clients, it is important that as tour operators, we keep our sustainable intentions at the forefront of our planning.

In Office


Exploring the Earth Mindfully: Images from Sustainable Tours

GTI Travel has a Sustainability Officer, working with a tailored action plan for both branches to innovate our operations and revitalise daily routines.